Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Little Way Through the Interior Castle: The King and the Castle of Truth and Light

         " The precondition for the epiphany of the eternal is that something is broken to pieces." Reinhold Schneider

Art and Blog By: Maryann D'Amico Copyright 2016/2017  All Rights Reserved for All countries

           Looking to the kings of the earth, and to the King of Kings, I wonder many things about  a world on the brink of World War III, as I make my journey through the Interior Castle.  I see the King of Kings with His Crown of Thorns and far too many Kings with riches beyond compare with little or no search for holiness within themselves. It makes me shiver with fear for our world. With threats of nuclear war in the headlines daily, millions running for their lives and terror breaking out all over the globe, I pray for the kings of the earth. But, deep down, I know, the world must  be broken to pieces for the new epiphany of the eternal to shine bright in the heavens. For the Kings of the earth have stored up many treasures and palaces for themselves and have forgotten the people of their countries for whom they are indebted to by eternal laws. And, with all their wealth and splendor, at the end of the day, they are mere men who shall one day be subjected to the King of Kings for their inaction's in this temporal world.

          The world needs holy and wise Kings. We have enough of the others. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, is the Light of the World. No star in the heavens will ever shine brighter than Him. I look to His Crown of Thorns and see Light beyond compare. Each thorn sparkling like diadems in the heavens. His death on a cross which gave hope to all of humanity. Each of us, are broken in our own ways. Each of us has felt the Thorns at one point or another. His Crown is the Most Glorious of all, and the Most Humble of all. It aides all of humanity to see both the humanity and divinity of Christ simultaneously. I am reminded of Saint Louis, who in his Kingship kept ever before him Christ's Crown of Thorns as he fulfilled his duties to God and man. And, by the light of his faith, and the power of Christ, his earthly power was illuminated both historically and eternally, thus so, his Kingship was not in vain. By the light of that same faith, believing in the Communion of the Saints, I plead for his intercession for the kings of the earth, that they may become holy and wise. For only by the grace of God is one truly illuminated. All other light is a mirage, a trick of the devil.

     Within the Interior Castle, by experience, I have found the greatest of Light when I am most broken. For, the Royal Road to heaven is by the Way of  the Cross.  True light comes from eternal light. When we are shattered into a million pieces by the weight of the cross, His light shines bright  upon every piece of our being. Though, we may not feel it or see it ourselves, it is there penetrating each piece. He, Being the Master Artist, will pick us up and refashion us according to His design and Perfect Will.  Trusting Him is the key to shining even brighter after being shattered. And, humbly submitting to His Divine Will, no matter how heavy the Cross, leads the soul to heights it never would have been able to reach, to Light it never thought possible.

     Just as diamonds are formed under intense pressure and extreme temperatures  that changes the molecular structure of carbon by crushing its atoms together and forcing them into a new structure, so too the soul is crushed by the weight and heat of the Cross, but, God transforms souls who trust His Mighty process of transformation. And, then, once the diamond is formed, it is brought up to the surface of the earth, by way of small volcanic actions and the liquid cools the diamonds  within the rock. So, too, with the soul, as it is recreated by the Creator's Will, it must go through many trials and sufferings, until it arrives to rest within the Rock. But, what a Royal Road this is for a soul! Some souls remain hidden in the Rock for God alone. Others, are found and brought into the light of the earth. But, in God's eyes, each and every diamond in the Rock is of priceless value to Him. 

     There are so many amazing things to speak of within the Kings Chambers and His Castle of Eternal Truths. Remaining Little and staying on the Little Way Through the Interior Castle , is to be mindful always of the Christian's great inheritance. And, in that mindfulness, to believe you are a Child of God, making every effort to live up to that inheritance. Yet, when failing in sin, to never cease to fly to the " Clefts of the Rock." Those clefts of Divine Mercy found within His wounds. His Merciful Wounds heal all things. When we are truly sorrowful for our offenses, His grace abounds. Truly, the wounds of Christ are  the most priceless gems in  the Little Way Through the Interior Castle. All the gems in the world cannot compare is value or beauty to the precious wounds of the Saviour. To fear God, is to find the Light. To trust God, is to find even greater Light. But, to Love Him above all things He created, is to be most illuminated.

     I have had dreams of sanctuaries 100 feet high all made of genuine precious gemstones of diverse forms and colors. And, I marveled at the site of such things as I have never seen in my life. But, when I am brought to these rooms of splendor in my sleep, I have found, that as amazing as they are, they are truly nothing, compared to the Beauty of Christ that He has shown me through my journey of the soul on the eternal and ancient paths of the Little Way Through the Interior Castle. And, in my art, as well, I have seen beautiful gemstones and jewels arise like springs of water. I see great beauty in it, because I know it springs from my spiritual journey. There is something eternal in it. Yet, still, it is nothing compared to the King of Kings and the spiritual chambers of His Mighty and Eternal Palace that is infinite in treasures far beyond the scope of this world.

     Through this Little Way Through the Interior Castle, the Lord has shown me infinite possibilities of design and creativity. And, I have been amazed at the Ways of the Creator and His manifestations of beauty and art. But, it is the Creator, that I am captivated by. It is the Creator, I love.  And, my greatest prayer is to be set as a seal upon His heart for eternity. I thank everyone, who has been on this long journey with me. And, I thank everyone who has appreciated the art of the " Symphony of the Interior Castle."  Praise God for His Goodness and generosity to me in this passage of time and prayer in the incredible Interior Castle! May your journey within your Interior Castle be blessed, always!

                                                                      Happy and Blessed  Easter!

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