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The Little Way Through the Interior Castle:Metaphysics ,The Resurrection of Christ and His Presence On Earth Right Now

"From the Cross to the Eucharist" By: Artist Maryann D'Amico 
This work is derived from a photograph I took of a large crucifix that hangs over the altar in the Chapel of the Carmelite Monastery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA . A very special thanks to the saintly Mother Barbara for permission to photograph the chapel. All original images and derivative images of the chapel will be included in the DVD of the , " Symphony of the Interior Castle."

Receiving over 4,700 views overnight of the abstract composition above was a nice surprise! That is the most views I ever received overnight for one of the compositions of the " Symphony of the Interior Castle." I posted it in the Abstract Art Community on G+ that I enjoy being a member of.
When I posted the composition in the Abstract Art Community, I did not say what it is because I wanted to see if I would get any comments of people's impressions without suggesting what it really is. 
One person commented on the impression of the composition that it was a manifestation of 
" teleportation." This was very interesting to me and surprising. According to the Wikipedia :"Quantum teleportation is a process by which quantum information (e.g. the exact state of an atom or photon) can be transmitted (exactly, in principle) from one location to another, with the help of classical communication and previously shared quantum entanglement between the sending and receiving location. " 
The science of quantum physics is truly incredible with all that has been discovered in this century about it. It is fascinating to me. However, I was not actually thinking of teleportation when I composed this work. Though, on a subconscious level, I understand the nature of my work is spiritual and operates on the metaphysical realities. And, God is the beginning and end of all things created, including quantum physics, teleportation, sacred geometry and metaphysics. To me, the sciences are not separated from art. Art manifests science. But, without God, neither the arts, nor the sciences would even be. And, I also believe we cannot separate any of the academics of art which manifest both seen and unseen realities. It is the Vocation of the Catholic Artist to manifest the unseen realities in the Kingdom of God and to attribute all the good that is created to Him.For when we separate the academics of art from God, we lose great opportunities to understand Him and the world we live in.
Getting back to the composition: What the composition really is , is derived from a photo I took of huge crucifix that hangs above the sacred altar of the Carmelite Monastery Chapel in Philadelphia. As I was working on the image, a large circle was formed from the digital art software while I was trying to work with the lighting of the image. I was surprised by this. Then, I thought it looked like the Holy Communion Host and Christ reappearing not as crucified but as risen and now present on earth in Holy Communion. The greatest thing about Abstract Art is that it teaches me, I don't teach it. So, I study each composition and contemplate any spiritual understandings within it. And, that is what I saw in this composition. So, I gradually reduced the image, so that Christ was being slowly dissolved into the Host . The title of the composition is " From the Cross to the Eucharist."

The Catholic faith teaches that at the Last Supper the Lord gave us the Eucharist and told us that He would be present in the Blessed Sacrament on earth until the end of time. So, in this process of creating my art, by dissolving it into a recreation,, from the same form, a new form is present , yet, in essence it remains the same substance. It's like creating a " DIGITAL SCULPTURE" electronically.That's the only way I can explain it, though I never heard of the expression of a digital sculpture.
Quoting from the Wikipedia," Quantum teleportation provides a mechanism of moving a qubit from one location to another, without having to physically transport the underlying particle that a qubit is normally attached to." So, I can see how the commenter of my art could see the process of teleportation in what I was trying to manifest as the resurrection of Christ and His new form on earth in the Blessed Sacrament. I was shocked by the individual who commented he was being 
" teleported" by looking at my art. This insight was excellent. Following is a link from a Catholic perspective, of the relationship of metaphysics to theology.

Excerpt From the Catholic Encyclopedia ..." metaphysics, as Aristotle pointed out, culminates in the discussion of the existence and nature of God.God is the object of theology. It is only natural, therefore, that metaphysics and theology should have many points of contact, and that the latter should rely on the former. Finally, since all truth is one, both in the source from which it is derived, and in the subject, the human mind, which it adorns, there must be a kinship between two sciences which, like theology and metaphysics, treat of the most important conceptions of the human mind. The difference in the manner of treatment, theology relying on revelation, and metaphysics on reason alone, does not affect the unity of purpose and the final harmony of the conclusions of the two sciences...."
     Today, continuing  to journey through the Interior Castle. Now entering the Seventh Mansions in the Castle! The following is an excerpt for the Interior Castle by Saint Theresa of Avila:   
      Now, when His Majesty is pleased to grant the soul the aforementioned favour of this Divine Marriage, He first of all brings it into His own Mansion. And His Majesty is pleased that it should not be as on other occasions, when He has granted it raptures, in which I certainly think it is united with Him, as it is in the above-mentioned Prayer of Union, although the soul does not feel called to enter into its own centre, as here in this Mansion, but is affected only in its higher part. Actually it matters little what happens: whatever it does, the Lord unites it with Himself, but He makes it blind and dumb, as He made Saint Paul at his conversion,[215] and so prevents it from having any sense of how or in what way that favour comes which it is enjoying; the great delight of which the soul is then conscious is the realization of its nearness to God. But when He unites it with Him, it understands nothing; the faculties are all lost.
        But in this Mansion everything is different. Our good God now desires to remove the scales from the eyes of the soul,[216] so that it may see and understand something of the favour which He is granting it, although He is doing this in a strange manner.It is brought into this Mansion by means of an intellectual vision,[217] in which, by a representation of the truth in a particular way, the Most Holy Trinity reveals Itself, in all three Persons.[218] First of all the spirit becomes enkindled and is illumined, as it were, by a cloud of the greatest brightness. It sees these three Persons, individually, and yet, by a wonderful kind of knowledge which is given to it, the soul realizes that most certainly and truly all these three Persons are one Substance and one Power and one Knowledge and one God alone; so that what we hold by faith the soul may be said here to grasp[219] by sight, although nothing is seen by the eyes, either of the body or of the soul,[220] for it is no imaginary vision.
Here all three Persons communicate Themselves to the soul and speak to the soul and explain to it those words which the Gospel attributes to the Lord -- namely, that He and the Father and the Holy Spirit will come to dwell with the soul which loves Him and keeps His commandments." 

The following link will include the entire chapter:

      I don't think I can comment at length on this chapter because, I have never had the experience of all three Persons of the Trinity speaking to me at once. So, I will leave that in the hand of the Saint to speak herself. But, I can say that when I saw the this image below for the first time, I said out loud immediately, that explains the possibility of the Trinity! And, I saw clearly without a doubt how the Three Persons are One. Once I saw the image, I wanted to paint it. And, that is how, my " Symphony of the Interior Castle" began. I painted the image on a huge canvas. And, when it was completed. in prayers, I was given the name, "Symphony of the Interior Castle."  And, since that day, I have done over 1000 images for the work. 
      So, I can see how in one moment's time we can see the the Trinity and I understand the words of the Saint, "... First of all the spirit becomes enkindled and is illumined, as it were, by a cloud of the greatest brightness. It sees these three Persons, individually, and yet, by a wonderful kind of knowledge which is given to it, the soul realizes that most certainly and truly all these three Persons are one Substance and one Power and one Knowledge and one God alone;..."
       I later found out that Saint Augustine used the image to explain the essence of how the Three Persons can be One God yet distinctly different persons. In addition, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux has translated Sacred Geometry and this form is the most fundamental  form of all of Sacred Geometry. Catholic Churches all over the world have been constructed using Sacred Geometry and so I then understood I was to photograph the Churches related to my spiritual journey to be most accurate of relating my journey through the Interior Castle.

     Please Note: I am against freemasonry , corruption in the music industry and New Age religion. While I understand principles of Sacred Geometry have been used for evil purposes by Freemasons , the music industry and  New Age philosophy, Sacred Geometry itself is not and cannot of itself be evil. God created the world with it and said it was good. And, I am against any denomination or industry that uses what God intended for good to do evil with and try to take away the glory that belongs to God, the Creator of all.  

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