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The Little Way Through the Interior Castle: The Battle for Souls Amid Political Correctness With Islam and the Crisis of the Loss of Love

Dangers of Political Correctness

    Political correctness has put us all in danger of thinking correctly. On some level, we all need to become more aware that we are being told what we "should " believe and many  have lost or have never even gained the capacity for critical thinking due to mass media indoctrination and politicians. A reasonable amount of "stepping back" from the so called " experts" and television is needed to even begin to think freely. Political correctness and fear are the driving forces that are reducing the human mind to shadows of what " should, could, would be if..." and over generalizations and cliche's of common phrases are repeatedly stated so frequently that people are brainwashed and incapable of thinking clearly or for themselves. 

     It is good to try to deprogram and empty the mind to counteract this zombie like state. Then, step by step look at the language we are using to clarify if we have an accurate understanding of what we are even saying and if it is true. For, Truth is Truth and it does not change. And, Political correctness is not Truth. It is tainted with deceit and facades like a monster wearing a mask  of a prince. It's time to peel the mask off, see what we are really looking at. Then, deal with the monster as we must in order to protect all of humanity. Try to take some time just to study the language itself without " expert views and news" and then, look at the trials the world is facing with the Islamic State. 

    These hypocritical masked monsters who want to mask themselves as some sort of victims of injustice, hate crimes and discrimination commit the very crimes they charge others with. Ask yourself if the Islamic State and the teachings of the Koran are the perpetrators against true justice and human rights, I have done this deprogramming and asked myself about numerous issues surrounding Islam. And, I have concluded that numerous Islamic teachings are unjust, discriminatory against all people who will not follow Islam, that it is filled with verses that incite hate crimes worldwide against non-Muslims, that the teaching in the Koran defy human rights, especially  for women and little girls , and that the teachings of the Koran go against justice by making crimes against humanity appear as heroic deeds, when in fact, they are committing horrific crimes.

 Deprogram and Define the Words

2.-What Is a Hate Crime?

 Hate Crimes defined by FBI- “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.” Hate itself is not a crime—and the FBI is mindful of protecting freedom of speech and other civil liberties. A hate crime is a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias.


Is it a hate crime to hate crime?


My Heart is Love and Prayers 

for Muslim Women and Little Girls

    I was shopping the other day and was standing in line when a friendly Muslim woman began a conversation with me over an Italian pair of shoes. She looked very kindly was soft spoken . I genuinely liked the woman and enjoyed the conversation. And, I had a sense she genuinely felt the same. Human to human there we stood on a ground of peace and freedom talking about the Italian shoes. She pointed out to me, initially, that she was Muslim, as if she thought I would may not speak to her because of that fact. Her eyes were searching to see my response. My heart felt badly as I could only imagine how it may feel to be a Muslim woman in America with all the politics of ISIS on the foreground. My heart has, from the start of my prayers for the Middle East, been especially for the women and children ( especially the young girls)  of Islam, who are being oppressed. I thought of all the horrors committed against the little girls of Islam and the women of Islam as I spoke to the woman. There were many questions I would have liked to ask her. But, there was no time and we said goodbye.

    This was my second encounter this week  surrounding an Islamic woman. Earlier in the week, I had a long conversation with an African American woman whose sister was suffering from a demonic oppression of the false prophet Muhammad. The woman I spoke with was a Christian. She stated her sister was "normally a Christian."  However, "when she gets sick, she becomes filled with the spirit of Mohammad and cries out that she is him and that he is in hell." The woman then asked me to watch a video on You Tube entitled, " The Prophet Muhammad Is In Hell."  I watched the video. It is someone  under the demonic influence of the false prophet who is screaming like a demon that he is the false prophet Mohammad and he is in hell. I do not suggest anyone keep the volume on if you view this. The text alone is horrible enough. After I viewed this horrible video, I exchanged a link and gave the woman a site that has many prayers for anyone suffering from demonic oppression or oppression and I assured her of my prayers for her sister and her family.

   I was not surprised  that the woman was sent to me and told me her story about her sister.  This year, for me, marks 41 years of the interior practice of the Little Way. This practice is primarily a hidden life of prayer, attempts to practice virtue and the offering of sacrifices for the salvation of souls so that all shall come to know Christ, believe in Christ and be saved by Christ. This Redemptive Suffering is done, in unison, with the Lord, Jesus Christ. Please, read these links to gain insight into this spirituality if you do not understand what this really means. But, since I have been praying for all victims of the Islamic State worldwide, employing the Little Way to do so, I knew it was no accident the woman was sent to me. And, I have prayed for that situation since, 

                                                             What Is a Victim Soul?

     Today, coming to the eleventh chapter of the sixth mansions in the Interior Castle, we come to the Mansion of the Dart of True Love. This chapter can be described in one word, Lovesick.
Wounded By Love The Interior Castle Mansions Six: Eleventh Chapter By: Saint Teresa of Avila  I was reminded of the Bride in the Song of Songs. " Set me as a seal upon Your heart. For greater than death is Love. Deep waters cannot quench Love nor floods sweep it away. " In addition, " “He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me was love. Sustain me  with cakes of raisins; refresh me with apples, for I am lovesick” .  And, " Under the apple tree, He raised me up." Each one of these expressions of the Bride in the Song of Songs is about suffering for the one you love. They are also expressions of redemptive love and suffering for love .

    What is this Mansion of Love? It is a purgatory of the heart that longs, deeply longs, for "The One" who has wounded the heart, It is a terrifying place when the one who desires the other cannot get to the other.  It is nothingness to live without the one who has wounded the heart with Love. It is an emptiness so terrible and frightening to feel abandoned by the one who was loved so deeply. In this mansion, pains of love can be agonizing. The heart is wounded by an invisible arrow of Love. No one else can comfort a heart wounded by the dart, except the One who wounded it. And, this One cannot be replaced, even if many attempts by others  to console the wounded heart, it is no use. The lover wants the One who wounded it and is without consolation. In this lovesick heart, the lover is willing suffer all things for the one who is loved. The floods, the raisin cakes and the apples all symbolize the sufferings of a soul in this state. The lover realizes that floods cannot sweep the love away. And, embraces the suffering for the One who is loved realizing that is the Only One who can heal and satisfy the wounded heart. The soul realizes that to love the One matters more than anything or anyone else in the world and that the heart will not rest except in the One. The soul is a Victim for and of Love. 

      Looking at the world today, with all it's political correctness, have we explored our souls to look at truth? to look at real justice? to look at real human rights?  Political correctness does not even begin to look at real love. It is a lie. And, Satan is the father of all lies. So, it cannot be good. It is faulted from it's foundation. It defies reason, logic and sanity by stripping souls of the dignity and respect that comes from a foundation of honesty. For, there can be no true justice or freedom when we are bound by a chain of lies. 

     Are we willing to make prayers and sacrifices for the Love of God and neighbor? Are we willing to take up our cross and follow Him who is Truth? Who is the Way? Who is the Life?  Where there is sin , freedom is bound by a chain of pain that leads to destruction of souls. Love is stronger than death itself. It is the strongest force in the Universe. It is the greatest force known to mankind. Where do we find " The One" who heals the wounds? Are we willing to suffer for the sake of Love? Are we willing to take off the masks and reveal the truths of hatred that divides us and restore humanity to what is real again?  Has God abandoned us or have we abandoned God? Where are the men of God in the midst of the horrors the world is facing? Are we willing to lay down our lives for the love of God and one another?  
     In conclusion, I personally do not hate Muslims or hate any group of people. In fact, I have done repeated retreats for the suffering people of the Middle East.  And, I realize not all Muslims are terrorists, It is not my intention in this blog to incite any types of hatred or violence toward anyone. Hatred and violence is not the answer. Rather, it is Love that is the answer. Love! However, Love does not permit the genocide of Christians, the rape of women and children, the beatings of women, the behaedings of people who dont agree with us, the enslavement of individuals, sexual slavery. I do not see that the Koran is bringing Love to the world. I see it is bringing violence, enslavement, death and abuse of women and children. Thus, Islam cannot possibly be the answer for humanity. Islam is a cult that has killed millions upon millions of people since its' inception. It is not a religion of peace, And, really, is not a true religion at all. Religion should lift the heart and mind up to love and peace.
Who is the Prince of Peace? Jesus Christ! What was his command? " Love one another as I have loved you." How did He love us? " Redemptive Suffering. He died for us. " Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, There is no other way that leads to salvation for humanity. So, in this Battle for Souls, let us take up our cross, follow Him and love one another as He loved us. 

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